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“profession contributes to the heart of technology, innovation makes sustainable development” is our manageable logo as well as the common aspiration of all staff in ovi.
as the senior aoi manufacturer in china, we have owned many independent intellectual property rights. professional attitude, high-qualified research team, excellent management consist of the heart of competition, which make the steady foundation to the new technology and consistent development.
no matter enterprise or individual, we respect the uniqueness and greatness of every life. with the corporation commission and strongly responsibility to society, we strive to self-promotion, and provide more employment opportunities to society at the same time of pursuing lofty ideals. respecting others, making use of everyone’s ability, creating harmonious working atmosphere, providing every staff a chance to self-development. we encourage every staff to set and foster self-confident, enterprising spirit, as well as acute thought ability, cooperative style, and the achievement of self-value.
all the qualities a excellent enterprise need: responsibility, diligent, credibility, cooperation. study, innovation, efficiency ect. we are never proud of our accomplishment; research is our most happy thing. we stick to explore our own way, we enjoy it. to be the leader of this industry, we are striving to innovation and breakthrough, wishing our wisdom, thought and technology not only can serve our clients, but also make contribution to the progress of this trade and create the no.1 brand industry.
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